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Largest places in Netherlands

The largest cities and places in Netherlands at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Netherlands.

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Largest places in Netherlands
Kootstertille Kootstertille451.Friesland Friesland3,500
Berg Berg452.Limburg Limburg3,500
Dronryp Dronryp453.Friesland Friesland3,486
Harskamp Harskamp454.Gelderland Gelderland3,450
Heinenoord Heinenoord455.South Holland South Holland3,400
Middelbeers Middelbeers456.North Brabant North Brabant3,394
Driel Driel457.Gelderland Gelderland3,366
Jubbega Jubbega458.Friesland Friesland3,359
Akkrum Akkrum459.Friesland Friesland3,290
Sint Nicolaasga Sint Nicolaasga460.Friesland Friesland3,270
Lienden Lienden461.Gelderland Gelderland3,225
IJlst IJlst462.Friesland Friesland3,180
Ens Ens463.Flevoland Flevoland3,174
Montfort Montfort464.Limburg Limburg3,145
Voerendaal Voerendaal465.Limburg Limburg3,100
Ederveen Ederveen466.Gelderland Gelderland3,100
Havelte Havelte467.Drenthe Drenthe3,090
Emst Emst468.Gelderland Gelderland3,000
Zaamslag Zaamslag469.Zeeland Zeeland2,980
Schinnen Schinnen470.Limburg Limburg2,970
Kollumerzwaag Kollumerzwaag471.Friesland Friesland2,960
Herveld Herveld472.Gelderland Gelderland2,862
Grijpskerk Grijpskerk473.Groningen Groningen2,809
Hallum Hallum474.Friesland Friesland2,758
Menaam Menaam475.Friesland Friesland2,682
Koewacht Koewacht476.Zeeland Zeeland2,656
Goutum Goutum477.Friesland Friesland2,634
Koudum Koudum478.Friesland Friesland2,600
Beekbergen Beekbergen479.Gelderland Gelderland2,590
Beesel Beesel480.Limburg Limburg2,557
Wekerom Wekerom481.Gelderland Gelderland2,540
Berltsum Berltsum482.Friesland Friesland2,530
Vlodrop Vlodrop483.Limburg Limburg2,523
West-Terschelling West-Terschelling484.Friesland Friesland2,520
Kruisland Kruisland485.North Brabant North Brabant2,500
Oldemarkt Oldemarkt486.Overijssel Overijssel2,500
Bredeweg Bredeweg487.Gelderland Gelderland2,500
Dwingeloo Dwingeloo488.Drenthe Drenthe2,430
Sluiskil Sluiskil489.Zeeland Zeeland2,411
Noardburgum Noardburgum490.Friesland Friesland2,385
Willemstad Willemstad491.North Brabant North Brabant2,362
Aduard Aduard492.Groningen Groningen2,360
Oosterhout Oosterhout493.Gelderland Gelderland2,340
Halfweg Halfweg494.North Holland North Holland2,330
Sluis Sluis495.Zeeland Zeeland2,322
Nieuw-Vossemeer Nieuw-Vossemeer496.North Brabant North Brabant2,300
Lepelstraat Lepelstraat497.North Brabant North Brabant2,300
Sleen Sleen498.Drenthe Drenthe2,287
Den Oever Den Oever499.North Holland North Holland2,286
Gytsjerk Gytsjerk500.Friesland Friesland2,279

451 - 500 of 500 places
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