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Largest places in Netherlands

The largest cities and places in Netherlands at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Netherlands.

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Largest places in Netherlands
Assen Assen51.Drenthe Drenthe62,237
Nieuwegein Nieuwegein52.Utrecht Utrecht61,489
Veenendaal Veenendaal53.Utrecht Utrecht61,271
Zeist Zeist54.Utrecht Utrecht60,949
Den Helder Den Helder55.North Holland North Holland59,569
Hardenberg Hardenberg56.Overijssel Overijssel57,909
Emmen Emmen57.Drenthe Drenthe57,010
Oosterhout Oosterhout58.North Brabant North Brabant53,107
Doetinchem Doetinchem59.Gelderland Gelderland49,906
Kerkrade Kerkrade60.Limburg Limburg49,777
Kampen Kampen61.Overijssel Overijssel48,980
Weert Weert62.Limburg Limburg48,662
Woerden Woerden63.Utrecht Utrecht48,431
Sittard Sittard64.Limburg Limburg48,400
Heerhugowaard Heerhugowaard65.North Holland North Holland47,580
Rijswijk Rijswijk66.South Holland South Holland47,299
Middelburg Middelburg67.Zeeland Zeeland46,485
Emmeloord Emmeloord68.Flevoland Flevoland46,409
Zwijndrecht Zwijndrecht69.South Holland South Holland45,696
Waalwijk Waalwijk70.North Brabant North Brabant45,610
Huizen Huizen71.North Holland North Holland45,292
Vlissingen Vlissingen72.Zeeland Zeeland45,273
Ridderkerk Ridderkerk73.South Holland South Holland45,189
Soest Soest74.Utrecht Utrecht45,021
Roermond Roermond75.Limburg Limburg44,975
Drachten Drachten76.Friesland Friesland44,537
Veldhoven Veldhoven77.North Brabant North Brabant43,256
Heerenveen Heerenveen78.Friesland Friesland43,094
Heusden Heusden79.North Brabant North Brabant42,882
De Bilt De Bilt80.Utrecht Utrecht42,111
Medemblik Medemblik81.North Holland North Holland41,500
Tiel Tiel82.Gelderland Gelderland40,702
Harderwijk Harderwijk83.Gelderland Gelderland40,516
Maarssen Maarssen84.Utrecht Utrecht39,675
Venray Venray85.Limburg Limburg39,047
Hoogeveen Hoogeveen86.Drenthe Drenthe38,754
Barendrecht Barendrecht87.South Holland South Holland38,672
Dronten Dronten88.Flevoland Flevoland38,415
Nijkerk Nijkerk89.Gelderland Gelderland38,335
Voorburg Voorburg90.South Holland South Holland38,000
Beverwijk Beverwijk91.North Holland North Holland37,585
Goes Goes92.Zeeland Zeeland36,931
Zutphen Zutphen93.Gelderland Gelderland36,188
Heemskerk Heemskerk94.North Holland North Holland36,170
Wageningen Wageningen95.Gelderland Gelderland35,433
Castricum Castricum96.North Holland North Holland35,256
Gorinchem Gorinchem97.South Holland South Holland34,736
Uden Uden98.North Brabant North Brabant34,601
Mijdrecht Mijdrecht99.Utrecht Utrecht34,377
IJsselstein IJsselstein100.Utrecht Utrecht33,886

51 - 100 of 500 places
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