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Largest places in Netherlands

The largest cities and places in Netherlands at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Netherlands.

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Largest places in Netherlands
Stiens Stiens351.Friesland Friesland7,804
Tholen Tholen352.Zeeland Zeeland7,732
Leersum Leersum353.Utrecht Utrecht7,502
Rheden Rheden354.Gelderland Gelderland7,450
Edam Edam355.North Holland North Holland7,380
Honselersdijk Honselersdijk356.South Holland South Holland7,366
Hasselt Hasselt357.Overijssel Overijssel6,959
Delden Delden358.Overijssel Overijssel6,920
Gorredijk Gorredijk359.Friesland Friesland6,880
Schaijk Schaijk360.North Brabant North Brabant6,840
Baarle-Nassau Baarle-Nassau361.North Brabant North Brabant6,727
Nieuw-Helvoet Nieuw-Helvoet362.South Holland South Holland6,610
Zuidhorn Zuidhorn363.Groningen Groningen6,559
Yerseke Yerseke364.Zeeland Zeeland6,541
Berghem Berghem365.North Brabant North Brabant6,500
Heino Heino366.Overijssel Overijssel6,459
Heythuysen Heythuysen367.Limburg Limburg6,420
Kortenhoef Kortenhoef368.North Holland North Holland6,250
Reuver Reuver369.Limburg Limburg6,212
Den Burg Den Burg370.North Holland North Holland6,160
Zeeland Zeeland371.North Brabant North Brabant6,159
Valkenburg Valkenburg372.Limburg Limburg6,020
Varsseveld Varsseveld373.Gelderland Gelderland6,000
Klundert Klundert374.North Brabant North Brabant6,000
Nieuw-Loosdrecht Nieuw-Loosdrecht375.North Holland North Holland5,970
Katwijk aan den Rijn Katwijk aan den Rijn376.South Holland South Holland5,940
Ouddorp Ouddorp377.South Holland South Holland5,930
Klundert Klundert378.North Brabant North Brabant5,873
Aarle-Rixtel Aarle-Rixtel379.North Brabant North Brabant5,814
Poeldijk Poeldijk380.South Holland South Holland5,800
Aalburg Aalburg381.North Brabant North Brabant5,788
Buitenpost Buitenpost382.Friesland Friesland5,764
Grou Grou383.Friesland Friesland5,737
Surhuisterveen Surhuisterveen384.Friesland Friesland5,700
Wijhe Wijhe385.Overijssel Overijssel5,640
Dinteloord Dinteloord386.North Brabant North Brabant5,600
Damwald Damwâld387.Friesland Friesland5,568
Kollum Kollum388.Friesland Friesland5,300
Zetten Zetten389.Gelderland Gelderland5,250
De Westereen De Westereen390.Friesland Friesland5,175
Amerongen Amerongen391.Utrecht Utrecht5,170
Bennebroek Bennebroek392.North Holland North Holland5,140
Heteren Heteren393.Gelderland Gelderland5,139
Waspik Waspik394.North Brabant North Brabant5,120
Egmond aan Zee Egmond aan Zee395.North Holland North Holland5,086
Hurdegaryp Hurdegaryp396.Friesland Friesland5,026
Biddinghuizen Biddinghuizen397.Flevoland Flevoland5,010
Maasdijk Maasdijk398.South Holland South Holland5,000
Duivendrecht Duivendrecht399.North Holland North Holland5,000
Schoonebeek Schoonebeek400.Drenthe Drenthe4,997

351 - 400 of 500 places
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