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Largest places in Netherlands

The largest cities and places in Netherlands at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Netherlands.

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Largest places in Netherlands
Schinveld Schinveld401.Limburg Limburg4,960
Erp Erp402.North Brabant North Brabant4,931
Doorwerth Doorwerth403.Gelderland Gelderland4,912
Offenbeek Offenbeek404.Limburg Limburg4,879
Kootwijkerbroek Kootwijkerbroek405.Gelderland Gelderland4,870
Giessenburg Giessenburg406.South Holland South Holland4,800
Olst Olst407.Overijssel Overijssel4,780
Breugel Breugel408.North Brabant North Brabant4,750
Haamstede Haamstede409.Zeeland Zeeland4,707
Hedel Hedel410.Gelderland Gelderland4,675
Boven-Hardinxveld Boven-Hardinxveld411.South Holland South Holland4,640
Maarn Maarn412.Utrecht Utrecht4,618
Schalkhaar Schalkhaar413.Overijssel Overijssel4,610
Haastrecht Haastrecht414.South Holland South Holland4,500
Dirksland Dirksland415.South Holland South Holland4,500
Westerhaar-Vriezenveensewijk Westerhaar-Vriezenveensewijk416.Overijssel Overijssel4,470
Vries Vries417.Drenthe Drenthe4,465
Mijnsheerenland Mijnsheerenland418.South Holland South Holland4,435
Harkema Harkema419.Friesland Friesland4,300
Posterholt Posterholt420.Limburg Limburg4,278
Oude Wetering Oude Wetering421.South Holland South Holland4,208
Eefde Eefde422.Gelderland Gelderland4,203
Herkenbosch Herkenbosch423.Limburg Limburg4,120
Sint Annaparochie Sint Annaparochie424.Friesland Friesland3,990
Bruinisse Bruinisse425.Zeeland Zeeland3,980
Laren Laren426.Gelderland Gelderland3,928
Kunrade Kunrade427.Limburg Limburg3,900
Dalen Dalen428.Drenthe Drenthe3,890
Workum Workum429.Friesland Friesland3,880
Sas van Gent Sas van Gent430.Zeeland Zeeland3,856
Den Ham Den Ham431.Overijssel Overijssel3,850
Oirsbeek Oirsbeek432.Limburg Limburg3,850
Vollenhove Vollenhove433.Overijssel Overijssel3,840
Noordwolde Noordwolde434.Friesland Friesland3,800
Heerjansdam Heerjansdam435.South Holland South Holland3,770
Gorssel Gorssel436.Gelderland Gelderland3,770
Feanwalden Feanwâlden437.Friesland Friesland3,714
Ruinen Ruinen438.Drenthe Drenthe3,675
Heelsum Heelsum439.Gelderland Gelderland3,659
Melick Melick440.Limburg Limburg3,645
Overloon Overloon441.North Brabant North Brabant3,626
Markelo Markelo442.Overijssel Overijssel3,600
Almkerk Almkerk443.North Brabant North Brabant3,600
Sint Odilienberg Sint Odiliënberg444.Limburg Limburg3,576
Balk Balk445.Friesland Friesland3,560
Urmond Urmond446.Limburg Limburg3,560
Kwintsheul Kwintsheul447.South Holland South Holland3,560
Volkel Volkel448.North Brabant North Brabant3,560
Makkum Makkum449.Friesland Friesland3,527
Makkum Makkum450.Friesland Friesland3,527

401 - 450 of 500 places
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