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Largest places in Netherlands

The largest cities and places in Netherlands at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Netherlands.

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Largest places in Netherlands
Amsterdam Amsterdam1.North Holland North Holland741,636
Rotterdam Rotterdam2.South Holland South Holland598,199
The Hague The Hague3.South Holland South Holland474,292
Utrecht Utrecht4.Utrecht Utrecht290,529
Eindhoven Eindhoven5.North Brabant North Brabant209,620
Tilburg Tilburg6.North Brabant North Brabant199,613
Groningen Groningen7.Groningen Groningen181,194
Almere Stad Almere Stad8.Flevoland Flevoland176,432
Breda Breda9.North Brabant North Brabant167,673
Nijmegen Nijmegen10.Gelderland Gelderland158,732
Enschede Enschede11.Overijssel Overijssel153,655
Haarlem Haarlem12.North Holland North Holland147,590
Arnhem Arnhem13.Gelderland Gelderland141,674
Zaanstad Zaanstad14.North Holland North Holland140,085
Amersfoort Amersfoort15.Utrecht Utrecht139,914
Apeldoorn Apeldoorn16.Gelderland Gelderland136,670
's-Hertogenbosch 's-Hertogenbosch17.North Brabant North Brabant134,520
Hoofddorp Hoofddorp18.North Holland North Holland132,734
Maastricht Maastricht19.Limburg Limburg122,378
Leiden Leiden20.South Holland South Holland119,713
Dordrecht Dordrecht21.South Holland South Holland119,260
Zoetermeer Zoetermeer22.South Holland South Holland115,845
Zwolle Zwolle23.Overijssel Overijssel111,805
Deventer Deventer24.Overijssel Overijssel97,331
Born Born25.Limburg Limburg97,169
Delft Delft26.South Holland South Holland95,060
Alkmaar Alkmaar27.North Holland North Holland94,853
Heerlen Heerlen28.Limburg Limburg93,084
Venlo Venlo29.Limburg Limburg92,403
Leeuwarden Leeuwarden30.Friesland Friesland91,424
Hilversum Hilversum31.North Holland North Holland83,640
Hengelo Hengelo32.Overijssel Overijssel80,809
Amstelveen Amstelveen33.North Holland North Holland79,639
Roosendaal Roosendaal34.North Brabant North Brabant77,725
Purmerend Purmerend35.North Holland North Holland76,745
Oss Oss36.North Brabant North Brabant76,430
Schiedam Schiedam37.South Holland South Holland75,438
Spijkenisse Spijkenisse38.South Holland South Holland74,988
Helmond Helmond39.North Brabant North Brabant74,740
Vlaardingen Vlaardingen40.South Holland South Holland73,798
Almelo Almelo41.Overijssel Overijssel72,725
Gouda Gouda42.South Holland South Holland71,952
Zaandam Zaandam43.North Holland North Holland71,708
Lelystad Lelystad44.Flevoland Flevoland70,741
Alphen aan den Rijn Alphen aan den Rijn45.South Holland South Holland70,251
Hoorn Hoorn46.North Holland North Holland68,852
Velsen-Zuid Velsen-Zuid47.North Holland North Holland67,758
Ede Ede48.Gelderland Gelderland67,670
Bergen op Zoom Bergen op Zoom49.North Brabant North Brabant66,256
Capelle aan den IJssel Capelle aan den IJssel50.South Holland South Holland65,255

1 - 50 of 500 places
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