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Largest places in Netherlands

The largest cities and places in Netherlands at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Netherlands.

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Largest places in Netherlands
Montfort Montfort301.Limburg Limburg3,145
Naaldwijk Naaldwijk302.South Holland South Holland17,753
Naarden Naarden303.North Holland North Holland17,115
Nederweert Nederweert304.Limburg Limburg16,095
Neede Neede305.Gelderland Gelderland10,887
Neerijnen Neerijnen306.Gelderland Gelderland11,532
Nieuw-Helvoet Nieuw-Helvoet307.South Holland South Holland6,610
Nieuw-Lekkerland Nieuw-Lekkerland308.South Holland South Holland9,535
Nieuw-Loosdrecht Nieuw-Loosdrecht309.North Holland North Holland5,970
Nieuw-Vossemeer Nieuw-Vossemeer310.North Brabant North Brabant2,300
Nieuwegein Nieuwegein311.Utrecht Utrecht61,489
Nieuwkoop Nieuwkoop312.South Holland South Holland11,128
Nijkerk Nijkerk313.Gelderland Gelderland38,335
Nijmegen Nijmegen314.Gelderland Gelderland158,732
Noardburgum Noardburgum315.Friesland Friesland2,385
Noordwijk-Binnen Noordwijk-Binnen316.South Holland South Holland24,363
Noordwijkerhout Noordwijkerhout317.South Holland South Holland15,071
Noordwolde Noordwolde318.Friesland Friesland3,800
Nuenen Nuenen319.North Brabant North Brabant23,223
Nunspeet Nunspeet320.Gelderland Gelderland19,496
Nuth Nuth321.Limburg Limburg15,748
Oegstgeest Oegstgeest322.South Holland South Holland21,149
Offenbeek Offenbeek323.Limburg Limburg4,879
Oirsbeek Oirsbeek324.Limburg Limburg3,850
Oirschot Oirschot325.North Brabant North Brabant10,393
Oisterwijk Oisterwijk326.North Brabant North Brabant25,980
Oldebroek Oldebroek327.Gelderland Gelderland23,010
Oldemarkt Oldemarkt328.Overijssel Overijssel2,500
Oldenzaal Oldenzaal329.Overijssel Overijssel31,410
Olst Olst330.Overijssel Overijssel4,780
Oosterbeek Oosterbeek331.Gelderland Gelderland11,138
Oosterhout Oosterhout332.Gelderland Gelderland2,340
Oosterhout Oosterhout333.North Brabant North Brabant53,107
Opmeer Opmeer334.North Holland North Holland11,183
Oss Oss335.North Brabant North Brabant76,430
Oud-Beijerland Oud-Beijerland336.South Holland South Holland23,569
Ouddorp Ouddorp337.South Holland South Holland5,930
Oude Pekela Oude Pekela338.Groningen Groningen13,386
Oude Wetering Oude Wetering339.South Holland South Holland4,208
Ouderkerk aan de Amstel Ouderkerk aan de Amstel340.North Holland North Holland8,228
Oudewater Oudewater341.Utrecht Utrecht9,836
Overloon Overloon342.North Brabant North Brabant3,626
Papendrecht Papendrecht343.South Holland South Holland31,621
Pijnacker Pijnacker344.South Holland South Holland18,695
Poeldijk Poeldijk345.South Holland South Holland5,800
Posterholt Posterholt346.Limburg Limburg4,278
Purmerend Purmerend347.North Holland North Holland76,745
Putten Putten348.Gelderland Gelderland23,168
Raalte Raalte349.Overijssel Overijssel20,015
Reeuwijk Reeuwijk350.South Holland South Holland12,817

301 - 350 of 500 places
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